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About ScaleBlaster

What is Scale?

That hard water feeling...Soap that won't lather well...bad hair days...unsightly limescale deposits on faucets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures... mold & mildew on shower curtains...shortage of hot water...decreased water pressure...bad tasting water...water heater breaking down again

Sound familiar? Chances are you live in a hard water area. Unless you have invested in an expensive and maintenance-prone water softener, you have taken your water for granted.

What is ScaleBlaster?

Water softeners, using salt, discharge brines that can pollute the environment. For this reason they have been banned in parts of the U.S. ScaleBlaster is eco-friendly, UL-listed and validated by EPA approved laboratories and major universities.

ScaleBlaster eliminates 'limescale' - mineral deposits that clog and corrode water pipes, water heaters, dishwashers, faucets, drains and showerheads. It also puts an end to soap scum and staining of sinks, bathtubs, shower doors and commodes.

ScaleBlaster increases the efficiency of water heaters-lowering energy bills. Amazingly, it extends the life of water pipes
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