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Water Treatment

Water Treatment refers to the process of modifying water for a desired result. Water treatment is used to provide water suitable for drinking, industrial processes, medical activities, and much more. The basic idea of water treatment is to remove unwanted elements in accordance with its intended purpose – which is why Clearwater Enviro Technologies engineered the ScaleBlaster.

Treating water for drinking is called water purification. Some elements removed from water during treatment are bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, certain minerals, and man-made pollutants. The ScaleBlaster treats your water without damaging the environment, and without robbing you of essential vitamins and minerals

During sewage treatment, wastewater is processed to the point where a significant amount of contaminants is removed. Wastewater is brought to a center treatment plant by a series of pipes, and is maintained by strict regulation and controls. The basic process of this water treatment is to separate solids and liquids, and ultimately prepare the water to be released back into the natural environment without negative environmental effects. The ScaleBlaster was designed to be the environmentally safe way to treat your water, without the use of harmful chemicals.

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