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Water is one of the most important elements on earth; in fact, water is the life force of the whole universe. Having good clean water for your family is always a priority, and that is why Clearwater Enviro Technologies created the ScaleBlaster. The ScaleBlaster was invented because it isn't always easy to get good water, even with the fact that the planet is nearly covered with water. Sometimes water becomes corrupted and has unwanted chemical and natural pollutions added to it. Of course salt water makes up the majority of earth's water. However, saltwater is not useful to humans or animals without scientifically modifying the water.

Even natural water wells under rural homes become corrupted, and the chemicals used in city water should make a health minded person uneasy. There is a choice though for the conscious person seeking pure water; the ScaleBlaster.

As many consumers suspect, many bottled waters are no better than regular tap water. Another choice is a salt-based water softener system for your home. That water system is less expensive, and provides drinking water but it has a negative impact on the local water environment due to brine backwash. To really get the best, purest water for your family, you need the ScaleBlaster system - it's is inexpensive, and provides delicious clean water for your family to drink. The ScaleBlaster system is also very eco-friendly for your local water environment.

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