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Lime scale is an issue with some older pipes where hard water occurs. Lime scale consists of hard, off-white, chalky deposits found in kettles, hot-water boilers and the inside of poorly serviced hot-water central heating systems. In pipes lime scale is made from calcium cations. This kind of lime scale turns into a thin film on baths, sinks and drainage pipes. You can make it impossible for lime scale deposits to form by installing the ScaleBlaster.

The ScaleBlaster is engineered to eliminate the deposits that lime scale leaves behind, thereby increasing the efficiency of your water system, and decreasing the cost of your energy bill. Having just one eighth of an inch of lime scale deposits in your pipes causes heating efficiency to drop by 25%. Too much lime scale can even cause total water failure when the pipe becomes clogged from heavy deposits. Discover for yourself the scientific process that Clearwater Enviro Technologies is utilizing inside the ScaleBlaster, and start saving money on your energy costs today.

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