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Salt is the main ingredient in mainstream water softeners. Due to the use of salt, those water softeners bring excessive sodium into your water. The salt-based systems also delete the beneficial nutrients like calcium and magnesium from your water source. This is why Clearwater Enviro Technologies invented the ScaleBlaster - an inexpensive, salt-free alternative to water purification.

The ScaleBlaster was designed with the environment in mind. It purifies water without the release of harmful brines from salt concentration that can pollute your water environment. Brine is just water that is highly saturated with salt. Usually brine is created in desalination process of salt water, and is safely distributed into the sea. Unfortunately, the use of salt in water softeners is not disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and is just released into the immediate water environment.

Water softeners that require salt are an inconvenience. Regular trips to the store for heavy bags of salt are needed to maintain the system, at an additional monthly cost. These salt-based systems also work directly against the lifestyle of low salt diets, if the water is used for drinking. The ScaleBlaster eliminates these costly hassles, while at the same time producing crystal clear drinking water.

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