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  • Prevents Scale Accumulation - Scale particles in the water receive an enhanced surface charge causing them to repel from each other and from pipe walls & equipment like tubes, jets and heat transfer surfaces

  • Removes Existing Scale - Any existing scale within the system is removed within weeks and never returns.

  • Eliminates Toxic Chemicals - Chemical scale inhibitors can be reduced or totally eliminated. No handling and storage of hazardous chemicals on site.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Discharge water regulations have made the disposal of chemically treated water a regulatory concern. ScaleBlaster is non-invasive and adds nothing to the water, simplifying your compliance measures.

  • Reduces Corrosion - Reduces bio-corrosion by preventing the formation of bio-growth on surfaces where bacteria can attack the metal. Increases the cycles of concentration in cooling systems resulting in significant water savings.

  • Controls Algae & Bacteria - Algae and bacteria need to attach to something before they can feed and reproduce. ScaleBlaster keeps algae, bacteria and their food dispersed in the water, away from their biofilm breeding ground. The biofilm will die, too.

  • Huge Energy Savings - The primary energy savings are a result in a decrease in energy consumption in heating or cooling applications. These savings are associated with the removal of scale formation. Just a 1/4'' of scale buildup can increase energy consumption 40%.

  • Reduces Maintenance & Downtime - The constant necessity of monitoring equipment, adding chemicals, balancing water chemistry and cleaning shutdowns will be greatly reduced. ScaleBlaster itself requires no maintenance.

  • Extends Life of Capital Equipment - ScaleBlaster will extend equipment life dramatically, maximizing the return on capital investment.

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