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There are many water filters, and each is designed to address a specific water problem. Carbon charcoal water filters are the most basic. They filter water by absorbing impurities as the water passes through, and encompass 95% of the filters used domestically. Carbon filters are easy to install, and filter out most deadly contaminants.

Once you look past carbon filtration, you have a range of choices like activated nano-silver, charcoal, carbon block, chlorgon, cryptosporidium, and so forth. All you really need for your water is the ScaleBlaster – Clearwater Enviro Tech’s filter-less water system. Water filters have many idiosyncrasies - Carbon filters are vulnerable to mold if left stagnate for too long, which is due to organic garbage building up and humidity. Water distillers are filters that remove all impurities from water – including the minerals. Humans need the minerals in natural water, and pure water does not allow that. Reverse Osmosis Filters were designed for submarines. It works by forcing water through a thin membrane. Then the filter stops and reverses the process creating drinkable water. Ultra Violet Radiation systems use light to irradiate water that passes through a glass element. These filter systems are used primarily in 3rd world countries.

The ScaleBlaster is an environmentally safe, easy to install, effortless to maintain alternative to the systems mentioned above.

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