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Virtually any equipment you have that comes in contact with hard water is costing you money. Water heaters, dishwashers, sinks, toilets, shower heads, aerators, steam tables & ovens, ice machines, swimming pools and laundry equipment, towels, bed sheets, etc. are all affected by hard water. Water taste is bad; the building’s pipe system will need replacement. Expenses in maintaining a cooling tower, boiler or chiller are often your costliest equipment to maintain – all because of hard water.

Operation managers are under increasing pressure to cut the costs and become more efficient. This, however must be carried out with due regard to increasing environmental legislation.


Benefits for your entire operation

Cooling Towers
Huge savings in maintenance, biocide chemicals, labor and water usage. ScaleBlaster reduces scale buildup, bacteria, Biofilm, corrosion and algae blooms. It will reduce makeup water/ blow downs substantially, resulting in huge water savings. Increase life of equipment and it will lower energy costs by about 10%. All Cooling Tower units are sold by ScaleBlaster, Inc

Chillers/Condensers/Air handlers
Lime scale deposit control on heat exchanger tubes and surfaces resulting in energy savings of 5-7%.

Huge savings in chemicals and labor maintenance. Reduces scale formation on boiler fire tubes, condensation tank, pumps, pipes and valves. Lowers energy costs by 25% and extends equipment life.

Water heater tanks
Water heaters work more efficiently resulting in huge energy savings. Scale control on heating coil and tank.

Lime scale buildup in the dishwasher lines and on glassware and dishes will be reduced.

Your steamers will require little or no maintenance for scale build-up.

Ice Machines
Scale deposits can cause cubes to be cloudy and clogs in the water flow. ScaleBlaster reduces filter clogs, Biofilm and contaminants. Maintenance and downtime are also reduced and equipment lasts longer.

Scale deposit control in steam ironing machines, washing machines. You will typically cut detergent use in half. Cloths and towels will feel softer, look brighter and last longer, making your clients feel more pampered.

Drinking water, coffee machines, soda dispensers
The water will taste much better because the breeding ground of bacteria (scale in water pipes) is gone. By keeping calcium in the water, coffee and cappuccino will taste better.

Housekeeping/general cleaning
Huge savings are realized in all phases of cleaning including the bathrooms and in the kitchen because there is less scale buildup in toilets, showers, nozzles and faucets. Reduced labor and savings in cleaning chemicals benefit your bottom line.

Aerators will no longer clog up with scale formation, resulting in the elimination of nuisance cleaning and replacement.

Plumbing system
Your entire building’s plumbing system will be de-scaled without any chemicals or re-plumbing. This results in huge savings in heating costs. If the plumbing ever needed replacement in the building, the cost would be astronomical.

Swimming pools and hot tubs
Lime scale deposit in the filtration equipment and pool walls will be eliminated.

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