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Everyone knows that Calcium is an important nutrient for a healthy body. For many, especially woman, calcium has become a vital ingredient in a healthy diet. Did you know that salt-based water softeners strip natural calcium and other important minerals out of the water supply? Clearwater Enviro Technologies understood the need for calcium and other nutrients that naturally occur in your water supply. That's why they have developed the ScaleBlaster.

Without plenty of calcium our bones would become weak and brittle. So it's very relevant that you know that water softener systems remove calcium. For those that want to keep their calcium and other important minerals in their families' drinking water, there is a water softener alternative engineered by Clearwater Enviro Technologies - The SCALE BALSTER system uses no salt and does not remove calcium from your drinking water. The use of inaudible ionic pulses strikes the lime scale that has been building in your pipes and converts them to calcium molecules. Then the calcium deposits dissolve into your water, thanks to the ScaleBlaster.

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